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Genesis products are produced with the highest quality organic ingredients in mind. We are very proud of our patented organic feed. There is nothing like it in the world, and we are excited to be able to share it with you!

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Our organic soybean oil is naturally pressed — NO solvents are used to release the oil. The process we use to make our soybean meal is mechanical. It presses the oil out naturally rather than with solvents such as hexane, which other processes use. That means there is no residue from these solvents in our naturally processed oil.
Research has determined that improving the cow’s blood calcium level at calving has been shown to aid in reducing retained placenta, displaced abomasum (DA’s), metritis, milk fever and other sub-clinical hypocalcemia symptoms. Supplementing organic pre-fresh or close-up cows with Gen-Chlor provides bioavailable calcium and magnesium to improve blood calcium levels. Feeding anionic salts from Gen-Chlor can balance the dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) to induce a mild metabolic acidosis in the pre-fresh cow, which has been shown to improve her calcium status at calving. Mild metabolic acidosis can easily be determined by measuring the pH of the urine in pre-fresh cows. Pre-fresh urine pH should be between 6.2 and 6.8, but the exact number can be dependent on time of day that urine is collected and hours post-feeding as well as metabolic problems present in the herd. View Gen-Chlor info sheet for more details
NRG Organic Bypass Fat is an 82% fat product using the Calcium Salt of Free Fatty Acids technology and using USDA Organic Certified Oil. It can be used for any class of dairy or beef animal when an increase in the energy density of the diet is required or where fat supplementation is needed. This highly palatable fat supplement can be fed at 0.5# to 2.0# per head per day or at the rate recommended by your nutritionist. Because the fat is bonded to a calcium molecule, the product is a granular to fine dry powder. Feeding unbound vegetable oil to a ruminant animal can cause a decrease in fiber utilization and decreased nutrient absorption from the rumen. This is because oil coats and kills fiber digesting bacteria and also coats the rumen papillae, which is the site of nutrient absorption from the rumen. Feeding a high quality bypass fat also delivers the dietary essential fatty acids to the small intestine for absorption. Soybean oil naturally contains excellent levels of Oleic, Linolenic and Linoleic fatty acids that have been shown to increase reproductive efficiency.
Nutra Fat is a small dry pill made entirely from Certified Organic Distilled Palm Oil. 99% Total Fat, 94% Palmitic Acid for improved butterfat and milk production
NRG BPC 60* is a patented process that uses the bypass fat to also bypass Choline. In the post-fresh cow, Choline helps the liver process fats more efficiently and therefore increasing energy utilization. There is usually a corresponding increase in milk production when Choline is fed to the fresh cow through mid-lactation, but the response is dependent on many things including body condition and reproductive status. The recommended feeding rate is 15 g of Choline to pre-fresh cows and up to 30 g post-fresh through mid-lactation. Each 0.25# of NRG BPC contains 15 g of Choline and is 71% fat. *If an increased level of fat is desired, we can custom manufacture a product with 30 g of Choline/# with a feeding rate of 0.50# to supply 15 g of Choline.
LinPro-R is a blend of flaxseed, pulses (ground peas) and alfalfa that have been dry-extruded to provide a naturally better source of Omega-3 supplemental fat for dairy cows. Through our patented process, the pulses are transformed into a denatured protein membrane that encapsulate the flaxseeds’ Omega-3 rich oil. Pressure and heat destroy anti-nutritional elements providing an extremely palatable and rumen protected Omega-3 fat source. View LinPro site for more info LIn-Pro
Quality where it matters!


Genesis Feed Products has the research to prove our results.

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Does not melt or freeze
Supports milk production
Supports body condition
Will work in virtually any feed handling situation
Highly palatable and digestible
Supports reproduction efficiency
Cost Effective – with high payback
Mixes well with other feed ingredients
Maximizes performance returns

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