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We offer solid conventional feed options. Our feed gets some of the best results on the market.

  • Genesis Organic Feed
CATTLAC Bypass Fat is an 82% fat product using the Calcium Salt of Free Fatty Acids technology and a blend of vegetable oils, primarily from soybeans, to create a unique product with desirable fatty acid profile. It can be used for any class of dairy or beef animal when an increase in the energy density of the diet is required or where fat supplementation is needed. This highly palatable fat supplement can be fed at 0.5# to 2.0# per head per day or at the rate recommended by your nutritionist. Because the fat is bonded to a calcium molecule, the product is a granular to a fine dry powder.
Feeding unbound vegetable oil to a ruminant animal can cause a decrease in fiber utilization and decreased nutrient absorption from the rumen. This is because oil coats and kills fiber digesting bacteria and also coats the rumen papillae, which is the site of nutrient absorption from the rumen. Feeding a high quality bypass fat also delivers the dietary essential fatty acids to the small intestine for absorption. Soybean oil naturally contains excellent levels of Oleic, Linolenic and Linoleic fatty acids that have been shown to increase reproductive efficiency.
Genesis BPC 60* Our unique patented process uses Calcium Salt of Free Fatty Acid technology to create a bypass Choline supplement for your cattle. Our most popular product contains 60 g of bypass Choline in a 52% fat supplement. The normal feeding rate for bypass Choline has been established at 15 g per cow in the 3 weeks pre-fresh and 4 weeks post-fresh. A 0.25# feeding rate will deliver the established amount of bypass Choline.
To find out the benefits of Choline and how it can help dairy refer to these references. – Click Here –
Research has been conducted to compare the efficacy of commercially available bypass Choline products on health in transition cows. Genesis BPC 60 was shown to be equal or superior to other commercially available bypass Choline products.
Research at North Carolina State also showed many benefits to feeding bypass Choline to the lactating dairy cow even when Choline was not fed during the transition period. It was not confirmed in that study by what mechanism they observed a significant and very cost effective milk increase in multiparous cows while no increase was seen in first lactation cows. However, field trials inn very high producing herds have confirmed the milk increase in multiparous cows and there has also been a significant increase in milk for first lactation cows.
If a bypass fat is currently being fed on the dairy, Choline from Genesis BPC 60 can be supplemented for less than one cent per each g of Choline. The feeding rate has not been definitively established when bypass Choline is fed to the lactating dairy cow, but it could be economical at up to 40 g per cow per day, depending on other feeds fed and condition of the cows.
*If an increased level of fat is desired, we can custom manufacture a product with 30 g of Choline/# with a feeding rate of 0.50# to supply 15 g of Choline.
Detailed description is on its way.